We received two Dell R200s tonight for a client, which come DRAC 4/P’s built in. The newer DRAC 6’s have never given me trouble.. the interface is great, everything is functional, and there are many options.

The 4’s are a different story altogether. I spent 2 hours just trying to get a Windows Server 2003 install to launch (hence the reason I’m posting at 1AM on a Tuesday morning). And no, before you think “well of course, you’re mounting an ISO over WAN”, I am RDPed into a machine on the same network!

So, while I sit here and nervously watch the lovely yellow bar go across the classic Windows blue background installer, I ask Dell please! Please stop shipping these sub-par access cards. If someone is in a state where they need to access a machine remotely via the DRAC, they need something that is stable and reliable. I was frequently disconnected from the console, had my remote media unmounted, and at time was unable to access the web GUI at all.

I’m going to end this post before I get into my opinions about Windows.

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