So, I recently migrated a few Drupal sites from a server using Cpanel to a server using Plesk. Now the Plesk Migration Tool works great to migrate them, unfortunately, I found this option out a little late and did most of these sites manually by sshing in to the server and dumping all the files but that is another post for another time. One of the main issues I have run into when migrating Drupal sites with CiviCRM, is that some parts of CiviCRM have hard coded sections. If you migrate a site and you notice some visual errors with the site you should definitely check this first.

  • Log in to the DB by either phpmyadmin (which would be easier for editing) or through CLI
  • In the only box with a scroll bar there is a few references to a absolute path located in there. Look for /home/domain/public_html/….. and change it to what you need it to be.
  • Select the Table ‘civicrm_domain’ and if your in phpmyadmin select browse and then the pencil for editing.

And that is it, I hope this helps anyone out and prevents them from going nuts trying to figure this.

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