Although I would like to say that my 1 AM post was near the end of my DRAC 4 troubles, I’d be a liar if I did. Turns out that the very next day I completely lost keyboard and mouse control over the machine (console worked fine!). The Windows install was complete, but we were missing some network card drivers which we had put on an ISO and mounted via Virtual Media. Lewis and I did hours and hours of Googling, until I finally stumbling upon a promising solution. I had to get someone to go to the datacenter for me (completely obliterating the efficiencies of having a remote access card) and set a USB setting in the BIOS. Turns out that it was already set to the proper value, so still no DRAC card. We did end up getting it to work and I want to share the solution for anyone out there having this hair-removing, teeth-grinding, going-to-give-me-a-heartattack problem. Simply unplug the machine for a minute or two and plug it back in… Upon boot, you should have full access.

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