So the future of computing is here… and no one wants to talk about it!

Cloud computing is clearly the way of the future.  And Ubuntu seems to be leading the pack with cloud computing built-in to the Server installer.  Googling for information leads to a lot of websites saying things like, “Hey, we’re running such-and-such in the cloud… it works great!!!” and “We have confirmed that such-and-such works on our cloud, but such-and-such does not.”

While that is great, how about telling the rest of the story?  How about a step-by-step walkthrough of the install?  How about listing the trial-and-error process that lead to the working product?  How about links to the software you’re using?

More and more people are going to be looking to cloud computing as a long-term solution.  We might as well start the ball rolling early and share all our expertise and experiences.

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