It’s Been a while since i… well anyone put anything on the blog so i figured i will put some stuff up that Dynamic Hosting has been doing over the last little bit. We have been all a little busier then usual over the last month or so with prepping our new Data Center (especially Jacob). The new Data Center is looking very well, We already migrated a server over into it and it has been running perfect. We moved away from the Cloud VMware setup that we were testing and recently added a few servers to help with our cloud development we successfully set it up and can run an instance on the the Cloud, I will blog more about that in a future entry as i could go on about it for a while. I set up CPU/Memory/Disk Space monitoring through Nagios on all of our server with the plugin NRPE which is a really neat plugin. This plugin is used to gather local information about the system that Nagios is not capable of gathering or is just not logical for Nagios to be used to retrieve the info. We currently only setup the resources above but you can monitor anything with this plugin suck as mysql connection, individual disk usage of any folders and there are a lot of custom scripts you can utilize that the community created for the plugin. Well that is just a quick update of what we have been doing and i am going to try and update this blog more often with random mumblings and off top entries.

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