Sometimes, I don’t think there’s enough desktop real estate in the world to keep me happy.  Fortunately for my wallet, there’s tabbed browsing.

Here’s a nice tip that saves both time and frustration for me, as I have multiple sites that I open daily.

Step 1: Go to Firefox Options Window

Go to: Tools menu -> Option menu-item -> Main Tab.

Step 2: Set two websites in Home Page Field – delimited by |

  • Set the ‘When the firefox starts’ drop-down to ‘Show my home page’
  • Enter multiple websites delimited by | (pipe symbol); don’t forget to put a space between the last character in the URL and the pipe, and another space after the pipe, before the next URL.

Step 3: Restart firefox browser

Save the options and restart the firefox, which will automatically open both the website mentioned in the Home page now.

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