It looks like Facebook is going to release a “Modern Messaging System”. Could this replace Gmail and other Email Clients?

I doubt it. Reading up on this, it actually seems like a good idea. It also seemed like a good idea when Google thought of it back in 2009 😛 . It is a centralized hub for all commumications since it incorporates email, SMS, maybe VoIP in the future and of course Facebook messages.

From a business standpoint this isn’t going to replace anything. From a personal standpoint… I still see this replacing nothing for most. I am sure people will support it and join right away. I mean I know I will I need but after I get that email address? I doubt I will ever log in again except to make sure I keep that address. I might be thinking a little too critical about this but I can’t see anyone’s parents and grandparents caring about this, but I am sure this is more directed towards teens and people in their twenties. You can read up on it more at Facebook Blog for specific details.

Will anybody else use this? I will be extremely curious. Even with Facebook’s install base I don’t see this being popular, but what do I know? I thought Google Wave would take off.

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