Check out the new Dynamic Hosting site at!

Included in this roll out are:

  • Updated Shared Hosting Products
  • Updated VPS Products and Pricing
  • A brand new billing system

Let us know what you think!

    New site looks awesome! really glad the old nav was done away with.

    Only real gripe is the mouseovers for “Did You Know”, “100% Canadian” etc are quite jarring. make it less hostile on my retinas pls 🙂

    Also, in the tables where you have checks and Xs for features, my instincts tell me that you just want to leave that space blank rather than X it out. the red is a lot more noticeable than the green checkmark, It feels like you’re loudly announcing the deficiencies of the lower package, rather than promoting the benefits of the higher packages.

    But hey, what do i know?

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    6 Dec 2010

    Thanks for the suggestions Adam!

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