Being involved with the Save the Oval campaign has definitely been an eye-opener, and has made me re-tool the way I think about how we can help in our community.

True, we’re not on the front lines of the mission to save the Oval (that would be Jeff White), but do play a supporting role, in that we host We’re offering our service that we specialize in, web hosting, to help the cause. And so far, it seems to have been mutually beneficial. has a solid Canadian home, and our website traffic has gone up, which was a pleasant surprise. We’re incredibly happy that Jeff approached us to host the site, and look forward to taking on more projects like this.

However, this got me thinking. What other great causes are out there that just need a web-based soapbox to help them get their word out? From our business perspective, that of a hosting company, what should a non-profit hosting platform look like? What can we do to help campaigns like and other community-based issues?

In short, has changed the way that I look at my community, and made me strive to come up with creative ways to partner with local projects that need a voice on the web.

If you’ve got a community-based project that needs a home on the web, get in touch so we can talk about it. We’d be more than happy to help.

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