Dynamic Hosting is now publicly offering VMWare Virtual Machines in Canada! We have been hosting VMs for our trusted partners for several years, and have finally opened them up to everyone. Using the latest in VMWare ESXi technology along with enterprise HP and Dell servers, and fiber channel SANs, we are proud to offer the […]

If you’re trying to setup bandwidthd with PostgreSQL, you may run into the following error: bandwidthd: Connection to database ‘user = USER dbname = bandwidthd host = localhost password = PASSWORD’ failed: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user “USER”. This is most likely a problem with PostgreSQL and not bandwidthd itself. Here’s how to fix […]

Setting up Snort on your Server. (I used CentOS 5.6) Assuming that you just installed a basic install of CentOS Server we will have to add a few things to the server so that Snort will run correctly. First thing you want to install is mysql server and some other packages needed for Snort. yum […]

A thanks to Adam Thurlow from SheepDog Inc. for providing this report for us! Cherokee Webserver Report This report documents all of our findings testing the Cherokee Webserver for use with Django in production.

If your company is behind a strict firewall or you want to forward all mail through a trusted SMTP server (your ISP’s for example), you’ll want to setup sendmail to perform “smart relaying”. This allows you to setup a box that will do spam filtering, AV scanning, etc. without having to reconfigure your primary mail […]

Continuing with the MySQL mini posts I ran into this error today while setting up our redundancy servers. I moved the mysql directory out of it’s default location of /var/lib. So when I went to start Mysql it would fail. When I looked in the /var/log/mysqld.log I seen the following: Fatal error: Can’t open and […]

The first thing one should do after starting MySQL is to set the root pass which by default is set to null. Leaving MySQL as Null is not such a good idea 😛 So here is how it can easily be done from a terminal. Like I said above if you are starting up MySQL […]

Here at Dynamic Hosting, we use WHMCS to do our billing. It’s awesome for automation, but something that it lacked out of the box was support for Virtuozzo setups. So, we grabbed the third party module and (after some tweaks) we are now able to provision VPS containers automatically. The only thing that we then […]

It’s official the end is near… Today the rest of the IPv4 address have been distributed out to the five Regional Internet Registries (RIR).  What does this really mean? For regular users it means nothing. For businesses it means if they are not ready for IPv6 then they need to do so.  They can do this with transitional technologies […]

… unless you’re in Egypt. Where the government just turned off the internet. Think about that for a minute. Where the government… turned off… the internet. This article really drives home the point of how serious a move this is by the Egyptian government. But the real kicker is the last line of the article, […]