Being involved with the Save the Oval campaign has definitely been an eye-opener, and has made me re-tool the way I think about how we can help in our community. True, we’re not on the front lines of the mission to save the Oval (that would be Jeff White), but do play a supporting role, […]

I had a great time at PodCamp Halifax 2011 yesterday.  I met a lot of great people, my number of Twitter followers took a bit of a jump, and I learned a lot about social media. Actually, to clarify, I learned a lot about how other people are using social media. I spent most of […]

After updating PHP last week it appears that it actually broke wordpress backends. This is actually a quick fix. The full error is below. PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function wp_dashboard_setup() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 15, referer: So to fix this all we have to do is go to line 15 in the […]

Installing the SSH2 PHP extension on CentOS is actually pretty simple. Although it isn’t available as a straight yum install, it boils down to a few short steps. Before we start, please ensure that you have the EPEL repo installed. If you don’t, goto to get instructions. Firstly, we’re going to install the dependencies: yum install […]

There are a few ways to change your DNS Servers and this is specifically created with CentOS but can basically be applied to any Linux distro as they all use the /etc/resolv.conf file. To configure your DNS manually you will need to modify the /etc/resolv.conf file, if you are using DHCP this will reset when […]

Editing DNS in Windows is actually pretty easy. First step is to open up your network connections. From here we are going to select our internet connection and a screen should come up like below:

If you’re looking to copy an Ubuntu virtual machine to make a clone, you’re going to run into an issue with any network interface you may have attached. The issue stems down to how Ubuntu handles hardware. It automagically picks up new interfaces based on their MAC (hardware) address. When you copy (not move) a […]

This is for resetting your root password when you are unable to remember it, someone changes it and doesn’t tell you or can’t put a cd in the system to boot into rescue mode. First thing to do is restart the server and wait for the boot loader menu [GRUB] to appear. At the menu, […]

At first glance, using dual-core processors in smartphones and tablets seems like nothing more than a great way to shorten an already too short battery life.  However, nVidia has cleared up a lot of the controversy in a fairly beefy whitepaper on Tegra2, their upcoming dual-core offering for smartphones and tablets. “The ultimate conclusion, of […]