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“An experimental Intel chip shows the feasibility of building processors with 1,000 cores, an Intel researcher has asserted.

The architecture for the Intel 48-core Single Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) processor is “arbitrarily scalable,” said Intel researcher Timothy Mattson, during a talk at the Supercomputer 2010 conference being held this week in New Orleans.”

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I recently accidentally found a nifty app for Linux; CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor by Carlos Garcia Campos.  Known as wmsmpmon in apt and Synaptic Package Manager, the name is somewhat misleading.  There’s another feature that is incredibly useful.  This app allows you to lock your cpu(s) to specific speeds, provided your cpu supports speed stepping.  YMMV.

Since I use a laptop, if I’m connected to AC, I force my cpu’s to top speed.  If I’m running on battery, I force the cpu’s to lowest speed, and thus extend my battery life to some degree.

Definitely added to my “must-have” list of apps!